Holistic Cleanse

Pre-Cleanse Starts September 24, 2018
28 Day Holistic Cleanse Begins October 1
How does a Holistic Cleanse benefit me?
  • Eliminates harmful toxins that accumulate in the body
  • Promotes cellular detoxing of your digestive tract for improved digestion, absorption, and elimination.
  • Supports a healthy microbiome in your gut for stronger immune function
  • Creates space for personal transformation through the letting go of stored emotions 
What's included when I join?
  • Face-to-face group check-ins each week
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Information and handouts on foods, herbs, and nutrients
  • Holistic lifestyle guidelines to reduce stress and increase energy
  • Unlimited email support from a Certified Detoxification Specialist
Regular Price  $249
Early Register by September 19th and pay only  $199
Holistic Cleanse FAQs
Do I get to eat real food?
Yes! The foundation of this program is organic, whole foods. We choose organic foods for their increased nutrients and their reduced pesticides. Also, organic food is never GMO!
Do I have to drink smoothies or fresh juices?
No, this is not required, but the cleanse might be a good time to experiment with new ways of preparing and eating food! Smoothies and fresh juices are packed with antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients to improve digestion and energy.
What are some foods that I will need to avoid?
In order to maximize the benefit of the medical grade supplements, it's best to avoid alcohol and caffeine.  Other foods that slow the cleansing process are processed (packaged) foods, fried foods, refined sugar, soda, and candy.
What supplements do I need and how much are they?
We include medical grade supplements in the cleanse to support the body in its detoxing, healing, and functioning. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorella to detox heavy metals, medicinal mushrooms for immune support, and probiotics. We also incorporate bentonite clay, psyllium husk fiber, and  herbs targeted for detoxification and parasites.  The estimated cost for all of these is $150-175. Melanie will recommend where to buy them.
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